KTM 85 Graphics Kit

Motoxart USA

We welcome you to MotoXart USA, the main provider of deluxe KTM 85 graphics kit developed according to the strictest standards known in the manufacturing process of aesthetics. We understand how important it is for passionate riders to keep their vehicles as an extension of their personality and make everyone at the stands aware of the powerful persona behind the wheel. We know you are passionate about the needs of customization in your vehicle, which means you want to print a personal feature and a part of your personality on the surface of your motorcycle to make it look exactly the way you want to.

With our full line of pre-designed basic sticker kits, you can save time and money as they are available to purchase in only a couple of clicks and have them shipped to your location. When you select our KTM 85 graphics kit you are doing as well as when purchasing any of our graphics here at MotoXart USA, since this kit is printed and laminated using the most durable and resistant materials you will find on today’s market. With a unique formula that allows our graphic material to stand longer than other products, being easy to apply and reducing the possibilities of having ripples and air pockets on the surface, we set the difference from other sticker kit providers, with a more suitable product up to the highest standards in the industry.

When someone is debating about the best options among aesthetics for motorcycles and more, our products KTM 85 graphic kits come out as the most remarkable options, positioned in the global market mostly for these reasons:

  • We supply deluxe KTM 85 graphic kits that are manufactured using deluxe top-notch equipment known to date at global scale which ensures durability and color precision through deluxe print using our first-class CMYK printers.
  • Along with the state of the art equipment, all our sticker kits are made using the best material at international level which is Substance, a long-lasting product manufactured using advanced technology to ensure its quality.
  • We aim at providing the most authentic customer satisfaction experience, focusing our activities to meet our clients’ expectations.


At MotoXart USA we make sure we offer second to none KTM 85 graphic kits available at the best prices that can be found in the market, not falling in the same place as other providers, we keep our prices as competitive as possible in order to stay as the riders’ first option for excellent graphics that will increase the visual appeal of your vehicle and help you communicate a part of your personality on the track.

Start customizing your motorbike as soon as possible with our KTM 85 graphic kits, we offer here and make sure your rim looks in a way that truly combines with the colors of your bike. We are MotoXart USA, the business that stays at the top of the list regarding KTM rim stickers with an online store where ordering your stickers takes only a couple of minutes.