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MXART graphic kits come pre designed with many different styles to choose from. Custom name / number / number plate background colour / number colour can all be customised free of charge. There are also options to change logos / laminate finish and have print ready proofs supplied by e mail before we print. Some of these additional options may incur a small extra fee. This helps us to keep our prices as low as possible for customers who are happy with the design as it stands whilst still providing premium quality products and customer service.

WHAT COMES IN THE KIT: Full kits typically include radiator tanks, radiator shrouds, side number plates, front number plate, air boxes, fork protectors, front mudguard, rear mudguard, swing arms. This is subject to variation depending on the model of your bike. 

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I PLACE THE ORDER: Once we receive your order our designers will get to work on any modifications you have chosen, this includes colour changes, number style changes, logo changes.Once the artwork is completed the job will head to our print department, unless you have selected a proof at checkout in which case a proof will be e mailed for your pre print approval.

MXART QUALITY: we only use the highest grade materials available. We print all our products using worl leading Substance print vinyl and laminate The print media undergoes a rigorous production process to avoid  inconsistency. Issues with normal gloss medias are caused by variations in winding tension, the production of our media has 3 stage tension control that gives the most precise tension control in existence, we also have an additional proprietary post treatment to improve the gloss sheen. Our gloss laminate is produced using a state of the art camera system which inspects every inch of the material during production to ensure there are no inconsistencies in thickness or gloss sheen.

Our printer set up is the most adavnced in the country, boasting a 10 colour, wide format solvent inkjet which has CMYK light cyan light magenta silver white and KTM orange capabilities, whilst our second large format printer is an 6 colour latex printer which produces CMYK light cyan light magenta. The benifit of the latex printer is that the prints can be laminated as soon as they are off the press ensuring a speedy turnaround time. Having both these printers at our disposal means we have you covered whatever your requirements are..

Please note that the designs shown are for illustration purposes only and whilst we endeavour to keep as close to these as possible logo placements may change slithtly due to the differences in modles and the angles of the plastics. Graphics kits do not include plastics, seat covers, mid forks or the bike.